Thursday, December 31, 2009

Being Born Again (continued)

"Let's talk 'bout yo' hearts and my heart. We hav' de hearts o' black folks and we hav' hearts full o' wonder. 'Cause we hav' de hearts o' black folks, 'cause o' de color of our skin an' 'cause o' where we live, our hearts in Clarendon County, de hearts o' black folks ever'where in de Jim Crow south, are like de hearts of de Hebrew people in Egypt a long, long time ago."

"De book o' Exodus in de Bible tells us dat de hearts o' de Jewish folks was in mis'ry an' was cryin' out on 'count o' deir task masters, deir hearts was suff'rin', indeed deir hearts was oppressed by de Pharoh and by de 'gyptians."

"An' de book o' our lives here in Clarendon County an' all over de Jim Crow south tells de story dat de hearts o' black folks are in de same kind o' misery as was de hearts of de Jewish folks in Egypt. Our hearts are cryin' out on 'count of our task masters, our hearts are suff'rin', 'deed our hearts are oppressed 'cause o' Jim Crow an' 'cause o' de actions o' de white folks 'round us."

"We hav' to step off de saidewalks to let white folks pass us by - dat's mis'ry. We cain't drink at de same water fountains as white folks do, even if our mouths are dry as dust during a summer drought an' there ain't no colored water fountain to be seen - dat's suff'rin'. We cain't sit as equals wit' white folks at de lunch counter or in de classroom 'cause we are treated as sep'rate an' unequal - dat's oppression. Our hearts are cryin' out like de hearts o' de Jewish folks in Egypt, cryin' out wit' de hearts of all de folks throughout hist'ry up to dis day, cryin' out wit' de hearts of all de poor folks to come, cryin' out 'cause o' mis'ry, suff'rin', an' oppression."

"But our hearts are full o' wonder. Deep inside o' our hearts dere is dat peculiar thin' the sep'rates livin' people fron dead people, dat peculiar thin' dat keeps us from a' dyin' out in despair but he'ps us cry out in hope, dat peculiar t'ing dat makes us human."

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